Planet-Friendly.   Convenient.  Stylish.

Pop-Ins offers an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic and paper bags that is compact, self-contained, and most importantly CONVENIENT. 


Let’s face itWe all want to do our part to help our planet, but most of the time our efforts are undermined by the chaos of everyday life.  We buy reusable bags with every intention of using them, but often forget them at home or at the office.  We use them to deliver school supplies to our children’s teachers and forget to reclaim them.  Or we stash them in the trunk of our car and don’t remember to tote them inside with us.  Who can blame us?  We have other things on our minds!

If we are lucky, we might have a small bag wadded up in the bottom of our purse or stashed in the car door that we can grab as we pop into the store for a quick shopping trip.  However, sometimes you realize that although you popped in to grab a carton of milk, you also threw in a few more things.  Maybe a pint of ice cream, a bottle of water, a loaf of bread, eggs, a belated birthday card, maybe some shampoo…well, you get the idea.  One bag just won’t do.

Pop-Ins was created in order to make using reusable bags more convenient.  Our unique bag folds up into itself for easy storage.  No separate pouches, no awkward drawstrings – just a simple pocket sewn into the bag itself.  But it doesn’t just disappear into a sleek pouch, it also hides away four additional reusable bags sewn into pockets on the main bag.  That’s right - five reusable bags all folded up into one easy to carry sewn-in pocket pouch. 

With Pop-Ins, you can store five bags in the bottom of your purse or briefcase so when you need them – you have them.  Five of them.  You can pop in for a few things at the grocery store, buy a couple extra pairs of shoes at that fabulous sale you stumbled upon, or stock up at the farmer’s market while helping the environment.  No need to worry about remembering, carrying, or having enough reusable bags.  With Pop-Ins, we have you covered.

Pop in and's in the bag!